Feature Films

Bruce Lowe as Music Producer, Composer, Arranger,
Sound Designer, Keyboardist, Computer Programmer, Editor & Engineer

(All functions above utilized unless w/ *)
  The Secret Life Of Plants * w/ Stevie Wonder – Michael Braun Productions
The Color Purple*  w/ Andrae Crouch, Quincy Jones & Steven Spielberg – Amblin Ent.
The Lion King * w/ Elton John, Andrae Crouch & Hans Zimmer
American Dream  w/ Robin Williams & Andrae Crouch – Robin Williams Production
End Of Innocence w/Dyan Cannon, Gregory Peck & Andrae Crouch – Cannon Films
Frankenstein w/ Edgar Winters - WB Paramount
Anything Is Possible - D Street Films, Nu Trend Productions
The Inner Voice – Lucente Productions
My Brother’s Keeper – Vadino Entertainment
The Collector – Ryan Roe Productions
Wishful Thinking – Sappington Films
Moving Target – Vadino Entertainment
Force Of Darkness – GMT Studios
The Evil Altar – Ryan Roe Productions     
Territory Of Blows – Sappington Films
Cory Knight & The Dolphin Warriors – CSM Productions
Midrange – Lord Of Glory Productions
Wake Up And Write – Vickers Films